iWare TrackIT WMS


In today’s business world, competition is very diverse and, in general, companies that are constantly looking for better and simpler solutions that facilitate and optimize their business are thriving. With this and appropriate business culture, they separate themselves from their competition. Companies must plan for the future development of the company and combine their business objectives with the use of modern information and telecommunication technologies.

One of the measures is undoubtedly logistics, which aims to deliver the right goods, in the right quantity, to the right place, in the agreed time and manner and, of course, with the lowest possible costs. In order to achieve these objectives, the company`s logistics requires appropriate tools. One inevitable tool is the system for warehouse computerization. In our company, we know it under the name of iWare TrackIT WMS.


Ware TrackIT WMS supports all possible processes of material flow, from takeover, though order picking to dispatch from the warehouse. The system enables the control of inventories in individual stages of logistics and thus provides batch traceability from "inputs" to "outputs". In addition to takeover and dispatch function, the system also features inventories, transfers between storage locations, monitoring of pallet availability and more.


iWare TrackIT WMS system performs tasks provided by its superior business information system - PANTHEON™. Tasks assigned to the warehouse by PANTHEON™, such as takeover, storage, issuing, dispatch and transport, are processed and carried out directly. Feedback is immediately sent back to PANTHEON™ with the help of portable terminals. In the use of iWare TrackIT WMS system and bar codes, data is entered only once; while in all the subsequent stages, this data is only used, checked and controlled. Software of the iWare TrackIT WMS solution is entirely modular. The base is the iWareCLT central client, which installs the corresponding software modules itself in accordance with the software license. In addition to optional functionality specified by the license, the client provides access to optional work environments, to which the user has access. Upgrading of the system is performed using internet connections from the iWare central server.

Stages covered by the system:

  • 1. Acceptance of goods
  • 2. Labelling of goods
  • 3. Storage
  • 4. Assigning work orders
  • 5. Restocking
  • 6. Supply of production
  • 7. Order picking

  • 8. Quality control
  • 9. Packing
  • 10. Dispatching
  • 11. Inventories
  • 12. Labelling of goods and shipments
  • 13. Warehouse operation monitoring
  • 14. Additional specific functionalitiesi

Key advantages are

Integration with PANTHEON™ application:

The iWare TrackIT system is already an open system that can be optionally integrated. The method of integration itself depends on the needs of each individual customer. For the needs of PANTHEON™ users, we implemented integration in all areas of use and provided a two-way ONLINE connection between the systems for Pantheon
- Item code system
- Packaging code system
- Alternative codes
- Material business of takeovers and dispatches
- Customer and supplier orders
- Customs operations
- Inventories
- Price changes
- Contractual price lists and sales conditions of customers
- Control of differences in the material state of both systems
- Monitoring the productivity of employees for the needs of personnel records and salary calculations

We are aware that each company has its own specific operations, so we consider each customer individually. We take care of the complete solution implementation. We manage the project on the client side, take care of the necessary hardware and supervise the product implementation with due diligence. With this approach, we ensure for the client that the work will be carried out to a certain extent, within the prescribed deadlines and at a certain price. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form or contact us online. We will be happy to accept your challenge and provide suggestions.

More info

Contact our consultants and together you will choose the right solution to optimize business processes in your company.

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