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What is new in MightyFields platform?

Introducing what is new in MightyFields.These changes will enable the user to work even more efficiently.

Storage component – your employees will now have access to warehouses and materials even without an internet connection. Until now, you could obtain data on the material locally (off-line) or from the back-office system (on-line), with the new version you will be able to use the data from the back-office system on your mobile device without an Internet connection.
New time recording functionality on the task – you will be able to record the time spent more easily and accurately with a new funcilonality . The MightyFields platform adds the functionality of recording the time spent on an individual task. You can enable logging on a form template with just one click.

More advanced campaigns and emails - do you want to send emails only to certain customers? Would you like data to be synchronized with the back-end system only when an error is recorded in the field? This is now possible, with dependency settings when creating campaigns with back-end systems and when sending emails.
Scheduler - Add a new task faster - The scheduler has been changed so that you can create a task even faster by clicking on a timeline. You can also copy one of the existing tasks to the clipboard and then create a copy simply by clicking on the timeline.
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