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Implementation of EBA DMS in Koop Trade Company

EBA DMS Partner Conference 2018

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Ljubljana, 27th Spetember 2018 - We attended the EBA DMS Partner Conference 2018.
EBA ltd. comany was established for companies to make fast and easy document capture and manipulation, and digitalization.

EBA DMS Enterprise ranks at the very top of the DMS solution and offers a new web and mobile interface that makes it easy to interact with documents from anywhere and anytime, using a web client or mobile application. Accordingly, it meets all requirements of the GDPR. EBA is constantly working on innovations, and has recently introduced mobile signing of documents by third parties with touch-enabled devices. They have also introduced a possibility to include external users in the workflow as well as document sharing in their latest Enterprise version. Innovative technology allows anyone to view the document via the web interface or mobile device, although the user is not registered in the document management system.

Digitization is increasing in Slovenia, and also in our neighboring countries. To this end, the company concluded partnership agreements with major providers in Croatia and Serbia.

Such event is a great opportunity to strengthen business relationships among ourselves. We are all aware that in order to expand the EBA DMS implementation outside Slovenia, and consequently improving the product itself, strengthening business relationships is crucial.

Dr. Cvetka Tinauer introduced the strategy of the company and presented the dynamics of the partner network, where Softeh d.o.o. has createrd 33% of the partner contracts in 2016/2017.

Company's Chief Strategy Officer, Rikardo Tinauer, has presented the development and innovation plan at the conference, and Tomy Bartolac, company's Business Solutions Manager, has updated us about the 4.1 version. It is still being updated and improved to make it as user-friendly as possible.

We have already successfully implemented and launched the 4.1 version of EBA DMS at our company. Head of Customer Relations Department, Natalija Krušec, updated us with the innovations and improvements in the organizational structure and internal procedures of EBA DMS.

Softeh has been presented as an example of good practice for the well-executed implementation of the EBA DMS document system.

We will continue to work hard, and we will keep trying to improve our cooperation with EBA and other partners.

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