PANTHEON for public companies and government institutions

PANTHEON is adapted to these needs, and makes it possible for public companies to do business transparently and achieve compliance with regulations, while offering unprecedented stability and ease of use. With PANTHEON, public companies can enhance the quality of their work and productivity without incurring the costs of software development or long implementation times.

PANTHEON Public Service features

Cash operations form an integral part of the sale of goods or services. With cash operations, receipts or invoices for end users are prepared using data about customers, items, and stock previously entered in the program.

Receipts or invoices can be created using pre-defined print-outs, or can be customized to suit the needs and wishes of your company and customers. Integrating manual terminals and barcode scanners with the program is easy, and cuts back even further on the time needed to prepare documents. This way, you’ll enable your customers to get through the check-out line as quickly as possible.


  • POS (Point-Of-Sale) invoices
  • A register with data on all your customers
  • Overviews of goods and stock
  • Cash register closing and automatic document posting
  • Integration of barcode scanners and manual terminals with program
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The Orders module is used to keep track of received orders, quotations, and preliminary invoices for customers and issued orders, inquiries, and preliminary invoices from suppliers.. A system of statuses is used to track orders throughout the order cycle.

Picking lists can be used to simplify work at larger warehouses and also allow users to use hard allocations to reserve goods for specific customers. CRM solutions developed by external developers provide real-time access to all documentation pertaining to customers.

Orders can also serve as basis for creating invoices and issuing goods and creating work orders for manufacturing. . Using handy, simple, functions, sales or purchase orders can be used to create invoices for receiving or issuing goods, thus eliminating the need to enter the same data twice.

The program can also use signal stock level (minimum or optimal stock) and data from sales orders to automatically generate orders to suppliers. . Also, users can view all undispatched orders. Another useful feature are issue overviews that show the dynamic of the flow of goods for each order line. The tracking of customers’ orders can also be integrated with B2B or B2C Internet stores.

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PANTHEON users can take full advantage of all the benefits of e-business – all forms of work with accounting firms, the state, and business partners (companies) are covered by the program. This approach to conducting business is fast and effective, and, most importantly, significantly lowers costs for the user.

E-commerce functionalities are integrated into the business information system and just a click away. For example, a user creates a pro forma invoice and clicks the Export to PDF, option; the invoice is ready to be sent to the customer through the program. Electronically submitting state-mandated reporting forms (VAT forms, commercial records) is also very easy with PANTHEON.

In recent years, online stores and other web-based services are becoming increasingly popular. PANTHEON is an excellent choice for businesses present in or looking to expand into the realm of e-commerce – a number of partner companies offer custom and licensed applications for a wide range of e-commerce functionalities that can be seamlessly integrated with PANTHEON. A number of companies are already using PANTHEON for the back office operations of their online stores.


  • Automatically export pro forma invoices, offers, and invoices to PDF format and send them via e-mail
  • Invoices can be scanned and sent to a company’s accounting service
  • Electronic archiving of documents
  • Export program data to MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF
  • Electronic submission of forms (VAT, income tax, reports for banks, etc.)
  • PANTHEON supports eSlog (sales and purchase orders, offers, offer confirmation, received and issued invoices, credit/debit notes, return slips)
  • Electronic submission of state-mandated reporting forms
  • Easy integration with various online portals and e-stores
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PANTHEON brings together a wide range of invoicing functions: receiving and issuing invoices, interwarehouse transfers of goods, accounting with goods, stock tracking. For the needs of retail users, these functionalities can be integrated with POS terminals.

The key advantage of invoicing operations in PANTHEON is the wide range of options available to users. Users from stores with highly complex inventory systems to large manufacturing firms are fully covered – highly detailed information about the flow of goods can be easily accessed, and the detailed tracking of individual units is easy even at large warehouses.

A fully adaptable mechanism for tracking individual pieces of an item and the possibility of outfitting items with serial numbers guarantee compliance with the strictest traceability standards. Price change document are easy to create; they can be created manually for individual items or for groups or categories of items, or directly using data from receiving and issue documents. There’s also a recurring invoicing function: simply enter the customer and the time interval for payments (subscriptions or rent, for example) and the program will create the required number of invoices.

For the needs of EU-mandated transaction reporting (Single Administrative Document, IntraStat), a module for automatically creating reports and sending them to the state statistical office is included in PANTHEON. Cost center monitoring makes it possible to link issued and received invoices with trips, payroll, direct costs, etc. It is an ideal corporate engineering tool and facilitates ABC cost-tracking methodologies: each project can be given its own microbalance.

The program also provides a comprehensive overview of documentation, which significantly increases user productivity. In each document, the complete range or PANTHEON and external documents linked to the document can be accessed with a single click. A number of reports are available, including reports of invoices issued and received, material movement reports, reports on waste packaging, and stock overviews; all data crucial to day-to-day operations can be accessed in one place and used to prepare a variety of comparisons and analyses. VAT or tax records are also fully supported.

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Travel management makes it easy to keep track of trips (including multi-stop trips) and trip-related costs in multiple currencies. Trip costs can be paid out a number of ways (cash disbursement, payment order, through payroll, etc.).

A range of reports, from basic trip reports to overviews of paid or unpaid trips, is available. Automatic posting can be used to easily post trips.

Like payroll, trips can be automatically posted.

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PANTHEON users can keep a wide range of records for all their employees: full-time employees, part-time employees, external contractors, student employees, apprentices and interns, and previous employees. An employee file can be created for every employee at the company. It contains the employee’s personal information and other information that is important for the company. This way, everything you’d like to know about your employees is recorded and stored in one place.

An authorization mechanism guarantees that personal information about your employees remains private.

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PANTHEON makes it possible to keep tax records according to valid laws and regulations.

Tax ledgers used in the program are created automatically using data previously entered in the module for goods operations. Information is sorted in the tax records based on the selected tax rate and purchase from/sell to method (domestic suppliers, imports, sales to end customers). Tax ledgers consist of the following: ledgers of invoices issued and prepayments received for domestic sales and sales to EU countries, ledgers of invoices received and prepayments made for domestic and EU-based suppliers and imports. There are also special records for state-mandated forms, which are also created automatically using settings previously entered in the module for goods operations.

For the needs of analyses and controls, tax record reports can be created for any time period, not just tax periods; create tax reports for a week, an individual partner, a department, etc.

The VAT account is also created automatically by the program. It can be created directly from the program or exported to the tax administration’s online portal. State-mandated VAT form attachments can also be automatically created. When a VAT account is sent to the state tax administration, the program will close the tax period to prevent further editing. VAT forms created this way are also automatically posted by the program.

Tax-registered persons who supply goods to other tax-registered persons or VAT-registered legal entities in other EU countries are required to submit recapitulative statements, which are also created automatically by the program. An entry table for directly editing data from previous tax periods is also included in the program.

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PANTHEON accounting supports a general ledger with subsidiary accounts and automatic and manual posting of business events. Most posts are created automatically using predefined templates. Subsidiary accounting ledgers are completely integrated with the general ledger, so data does not need to be reentered. Posting is made even easier through the use of distribution keys based on previously defined templates.

A basic chart of accounts is already included in the program; of course, it can be supplemented or changed, as can predefined automatic posting templates.

The financial reports module contains predefined templates and formulas that can be used to create a number of different summary reports and income statements using a range of criteria: periods, departments, cost centers. Reports can also be used to compare individual periods, and can be prepared in domestic and foreign currencies.

The summary reports module is very useful, and can be used to identify which journal entries are not balanced and posts that do not match up. The program also supports the closing of accounts of classes 4 and 7 by departments and cost centers, and automatically prepares journal entries for posting to the general ledger. The module for closing can be used to automatically create closing and opening journal entries for the fiscal year.

The accounting program also supports reports to the central bank on short-term receivables and payables incurred through dealings with non-residents.

PANTHEON also provides consolidated accounting data that supports the consolidation of accounting data in accounting statements. Consolidated accounting statements are formed by taking the individual accounting statements of consolidated companies and making the required consolidation adjustments. Consolidation is prepared by an authorized company, which reads the posts that fit the date criteria to prepare a consolidated financial statement.

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PANTHEON Public Service Pricelist

PANTHEON Rental (hosting)

The data you enter into the PANTHEON ™ program (eg invoices, stocks, accounting, salaries, etc.) are all stored in a database that is usually on a dedicated computer, i.e. server. The server is always active, so the data is always accessible and there are appropriate security measures on the server that prevent data loss, in particular backup, physical and software protection. With PANTHEON you pay for the hosting within a monthly fee that includes the use of the program, legal updates, data archiving and server hiring.

Purchasing PANTHEON

In case you decide to purchase the program, it will be installed on your computer/server and you will have to regularly upgrade software to new versions (legislative changes and new functionalities) and ensure data archiving. The purchase amount shall be settled in a single installment and the program will become your property. You will be charged an annual lump sum for program updates.

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