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PANTHEON Enterprise is an ERP business information system designed for fast-growing companies looking for stability, advanced functionality, and system adaptability. A wide range of functions makes this system useful for everyone in the company, from the management to sales and accounting departments. In addition, you can take advantage of business intelligence features (dashboards, analytics, reports, planning).

Additional solutions

A number of vertical solutions for PANTHEON developed by both Datalab and its independent partners are available to address users’ specific needs. This way, users can upgrade and supplement PANTHEON with custom solutions.

Business Intelligence – Dashboards

Dashboards provide management, analysts, and executives with a tool for viewing processes within a company. Dashboards are extremely easy to use and functions can be customized to suit the needs of individual users. This way, it is possible to simultaneously adapt the system to the needs of a director who needs only key indicators and data and a financial analyst who requires more detailed, specific data. Users can create any number of customized dashboards, while some dashboards have been predefined. With predefined dashboards, parameters, formulas, and methods for displaying the company’s operations are already entered; all the user needs to do to get an overview of operations is enter data. Key information no longer needs to be collected from multiple, dispersed locations and copied from separate documents. PANTHEON dashboards collect the data automatically and display them in easy-to-view dashboards on the user’s desktop.

Overviews of company operations can be customized to suit the needs of anyone. For example, directors, sales associates, and accountants all view different data pertaining to their particular area of work. Information can be presented in a simplified form or more in-depth.Because business intelligence is already integrated into PANTHEON, no additional adaptations or programming are required. Out-of-the-box integration with the core system also means a lower price and fewer maintenance costs!

An example of analytics frequently used by managers or executives:

  • Overview of completed work by project
  • Relative share of outstanding receivables
  • Receivables and payables
  • Segments where projects are located
  • Work results by month
  • Estimates on the company’s debt and held debt

This way, the director of the company sees only the data that matter most for his or her work, while the details are left to the support staff.

PANTHEON Enterprise Licenses and Features

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