Stability, Reliability and Legislative Compliance

PANTHEON accounting users spend less time entering data, maximize work output, and make fewer data entry errors. All legislative changes and standards are automatically updated over the Internet, ensuring that accounting firms are always in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. With PANTHEON Accounting, it’s also easy for firms to branch out into consulting and financial planning and related services.
  • With PANTHEON you have an excellent overview of the operations of your suppliers and customers (partners). We can quickly see which documents were exchanged, the volume of turnover you have created with them, accounts payable and receivable just by viewing the partner.
  • Preset posting helps you not to think about posting invoices and at the same time avoid irregularities in posting.
  • Automatic tasks ensure that transactions are promptly posted.
  • The transactions section includes support of cash and non-cash transactions, preparation of compensation, offsets, exporting files with payment orders, which are imported into the selected bank, and importing bank statements and their automatic posting, which is a true time-saver.
  • A large number of overviews of receivables from customers and payables to suppliers (outstanding items, overdue items, the largest buyers and suppliers by turnover, etc.).
  • The functions (default) interest, notices and debt collection help you in the recovery of receivables from customers that have not settled their payables on time or have not settled them at all.

VThe advanced versions of PANTHEON have built-in business analysis tools that allow for a complete overview of your operations at all levels. This way accountants can always have an overview of their clients’ business and they don’t need to look for key information in different places. Data and analyses can also be exported to your e-mail or Excel with one click. You can see the data in a simple overview or in more detailed modes.

Some important analysis data for accountants and executives:

  • Project-based overview of completed work
  • Balance of closed and outstanding items
  • Payables and receivables
  • Monthly work results


  • Overview of completed work in company databases and data transfer for recurring invoicing
  • Summary reports of general ledgers for several company databases in one spot
  • Summary reports are sent daily to your e-mail.
  • You can open documents and reports in other databases quickly via shortcuts.
  • Automatic posting of issued, received or POS invoices overnight.
  • You can set custom shortcuts for different functions in the program.
  • Set permissions to restrict user access to various parts of the program.
  • Users can export data, registers, posts and reports to PDF or Excel, where they can edit them.
  • You can open invoices simply by clicking the associated documents.
  • Users can choose from pre-built standard reports or they can create custom reports and analyses.
  • You can create templates for automatic (recurring) posting of document types.

Business information systems are living organisms, which need to adapt to ever-changing environments. Legislative changes are one of the factors driving the perpetual evolution of business software. Another is the internal need for improvement of the program to make it faster, more stable and user-friendly.

This means that the program has to be updated with new versions regularly. PANTHEON is updated over the Internet at least every three months. That’s when new versions of the software are released with patches, changes and improvements. During times of extensive legislative changes (such as changes in VAT calculation, fiscal invoice verification, etc.) theprogram is updated on the same day new legislation comes into effect.

To make updating as easy as possible, the whole process is automated and carried out over the Internet. Privacy and security of users’ business data are guaranteed during the updating process!

Experts in Datalab’s development are in charge of improving the program, while subsidiaries localize the program and continuously check the relevant legislation to keep it up-to-date.

Business Overlook on Your Dashboard
Advanced versions of PANTHEON feature powerful built-in business analysis functionalities that provide overviews of operations on all levels of the company. Managers and executives of the company always have a concise overview of company’s operations, and key information no longer needs to be collected from a number of different sources.

Več o poslovni analitiki

PANTHEON accounting supports a general ledger with subsidiary accounts and automatic and manual posting of business events. Most posts are created automatically using predefined templates. Subsidiary accounting ledgers are completely integrated with the general ledger, so data does not need to be reentered. Posting is made even easier through the use of distribution keys based on previously defined templates.

A basic chart of accounts is already included in the program; of course, it can be supplemented or changed, as can predefined automatic posting templates.

The financial reports module contains predefined templates and formulas that can be used to create a number of different summary reports and income statements using a range of criteria: periods, departments, cost centers. Reports can also be used to compare individual periods, and can be prepared in domestic and foreign currencies.

The summary reports module is very useful, and can be used to identify which journal entries are not balanced and posts that do not match up. The program also supports the closing of accounts of classes 4 and 7 by departments and cost centers, and automatically prepares journal entries for posting to the general ledger. The module for closing can be used to automatically create closing and opening journal entries for the fiscal year.

The accounting program also supports reports to the central bank on short-term receivables and payables incurred through dealings with non-residents.

PANTHEON also provides consolidated accounting data that supports the consolidation of accounting data in accounting statements. Consolidated accounting statements are formed by taking the individual accounting statements of consolidated companies and making the required consolidation adjustments. Consolidation is prepared by an authorized company, which reads the posts that fit the date criteria to prepare a consolidated financial statement.
  • Create any number of journal entry types with default posting settings
  • Subsidiary accounting ledgers are completely integrated with the general ledger, so data does not need to be reentered.
  • Automatic posting of invoices received and issued, the VAT account, payroll, trips and other personal receipts, manufacturing and material consumption
  • Subsidiary accounts in local and foreign currencies
  • Overviews of all posts in the general ledger/subsidiary accounts with filtering by a number of criteria: account, date, document type, partner, document number, and many more
  • Automatically transfer or post to a new chart of accounts when the chart of accounts is changed and simultaneously create a journal entry
  • Automatic closing of classes 4 and 7 and preparation of a journal entry
  • Create a journal entry for the close of the fiscal year and an opening entry for the new fiscal year
  • Create detailed and summary daily journals by journal entry number, date criteria, account, and person responsible, and in domestic and foreign currencies
  • Create account card reports using a number of criteria: for a single account or a range of accounts, posting data, VAT date, document, local or foreign currency or both, various types of reports
  • Create reports on short-term receivables and payables incurred through dealings with non-residents for the central bank
  • Summary reports of unbalanced journal entries and automatic posting and various other overviews for checking posts
  • Create trial balances for any account or range of accounts and for any period (analytical by individual accounts, by synthetic accounts, groups of accounts, or classes).
  • Predefined trial balance overviews that can be modified
  • Trial balance overviews by departments and cost centers, comparisons of periods
  • Automatically export trial balance reports, income statements and profit and loss statements to the state agency for public records.
  • Monitor revenues and costs by individual cost centers (projects)
  • All documents in the program (orders, invoices, trips, payroll) support tracking by cost centers
  • Cost center analysis including profit/loss statements and balance sheets

PANTHEON Accounting Licenses and Features


59,90/mothly license rental

(License Purchase: 1.599 € + Annual Refresments: 335,79 €)

  • Cash register operations
  • Issuing and receiving invoices
  • E-business and online stores
  • Inventory and warehouses
  • Travel management
  • Human resources
  • Operations abroad
  • Accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Business analytics
  • Basic manufacturing
  • Fixed assets
  • Service
  • Business intelligence – Out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Business intelligence – Customized dashboards
  • Business intelligence – Analysis, reports, planning

PANTHEON Rental (hosting)

The data you enter into the PANTHEON ™ program (eg invoices, stocks, accounting, salaries, etc.) are all stored in a database that is usually on a dedicated computer, i.e. server. The server is always active, so the data is always accessible and there are appropriate security measures on the server that prevent data loss, in particular backup, physical and software protection. With PANTHEON you pay for the hosting within a monthly fee that includes the use of the program, legal updates, data archiving and server hiring.

Purchasing PANTHEON

In case you decide to purchase the program, it will be installed on your computer/server and you will have to regularly upgrade software to new versions (in order to keep up with legislative changes and new functions) and ensure that data are archived. The purchase amount shall be settled in a single installment and the program will become your property. You will be charged an annual lump sum for program updates.

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