System for Increasing Marketing and Sales

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

Sell more. Improve results. With the implementation of Mycrosoft Dynamics™ CRM the way to new customers will be simpler, while increasing the satisfaction and profitability of existing customers.

CRM solutions are aimed at automating marketing and sales processes and improving IT support for decision-making. With increased marketing and sales activities, the use of CRM can significantly reduce costs and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The solution enables:
  • Creating a complete picture of your clients;
  • Measuring marketing and sales efficiency;
  • Providing high satisfaction and quality service to clients at all contact points;
  • Lower sales costs, higher sales and improved business results.
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is a complete solution for customer relationship management that supports business processes from marketing and sales to support of existing customers. The main advantages of the solution are, in particular, the integration with Microsoft Outlook solution, an intuitive user interface, high flexibility and rapid deployment. This means that less time is needed to train employees who can start working faster and focus on the key aspect of business - your customers.
    • Best at imitating the sales process.
    • Easy to use.
    • Flexible and can imitate simple and very complex business processes.
    • Has a transparent license model: you can either redeem or rent a license for the needed period.
    • Regular fixes and upgrades are included in the price.
    • The program has been translated into a number of world languages and enables business on the global market.

    Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Solution

    Fast and transparent access to customer information
    CRM enables fast and easy access to customer information for all employees who need this information in their work in real time. The profile of individual clients can be reviewed, edited and analyzed by all employees who need this information in their work. The customer's history is monitored: from the first contact, to the issued invoice and further sales activities.

    Responsive Customer Support
    Since we have a complete history of customer contact, we can quickly help with complaints or any troubles that may occur and we can remind the customer that a service or a renewal of a purchase is required.

    Support with the preparation of marketing and sales planning
    On the basis of the data of the past trends on the market, current state of orders and demand dynamics for our products over the year, and other business information stored in CRM, the preparation of annual and monthly marketing and sales activities is simpler. This approach makes it possible to anticipate changes on the market, to which we can respond faster than the competition.

    Connecting with other business applications
    Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is interconnected with other business information solutions in the company, allowing for a faster and more efficient flow of information. By connecting information systems, we accelerate the issuance of invoices, we have an up-to-date overview of stock status, we measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and in general, provide for a greater transparency and efficiency of operations.

    Softeh will take care of:
    • Planning and consulting in customer relationship management;
    • Planning, implementation, and maintenance of the CRM Information System
    • Educating and counseling;
    • Help design and implement marketing activities using CRM;
    • Regular fixes and upgrades are included in the price.
    • Consulting on the design, collection and use of databases.

    More info

    Contact our consultants and together you will choose the right solution for optimizing business processes in your company!

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