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International Pantheon Conference 2017

Softeh is a proud member of Pantheon community, and we are happy to have participated in the international Pantheon Conference 2017, which took place between 16th and 17th November 2017 in Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož. The main theme of the conference was Digital Transformation with Pantheon. We have received many answers to our questions regarding the state of digital transformation in Slovenia and the region, how to achieve digital transformation with Pantheon in practice, how to respond to the main challenges in the digital transformation phase, and “how to avoid the illusion of digital transformation”.

Mr. Joe Peppard, one of the leading digital experts and special guest of the conference, provided an answer to that last question. "One worrying trend that we see is what I call the ‘lipstick on a pig’ phenomenon," said Mr. Joe Peppard, and continued: "This is where an organization gives the illusion of being digital. At first glance there may be some new and nice applications, but if we look deeper into the company, there is nothing there. Under the pretext of 'digital initiative' many things can happen, but the progress is only minimal. Digitalization can be exciting, but it's also hard to achieve," concludes Mr. Joe Peppard.
What is a digital transformation?
We need to understand that digital transformation is not just a transformation in terms of the use of new technologies. Digital transformation is a business challenge that requires changes in all aspects, such as organizational culture, people, business processes and business models. It a process of developing new relationships with customers, knowing their needs, and much more.

Lectures were held in 4 halls with various interesting contents and we believe that everyone could find a helpful and interesting topic for themselves, their business, and their company.


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