Implementation of EBA DMS in Koop Trade Company
Softeh is the first company in Slovenia, in cooperation with the Greek company Relational, to offer a software solution AroTRON Collections & Recoveries

Cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor

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Practical knowledge in document management is one of the key competencies of business graduates. Faculty of Economics and Business aims to provide its students with practical knowledge by organizing workshops in order to increase their competitiveness once they enter the labor market. To that end, we have teamed up with doc.dr. Simona Sternad Zabukovšek, professor of E-commerce, and organized two practical workshops.

The first workshop for undergraduate students was predominantly theoretical, its purpose was for students to become familiar with the flow of electronic business between companies and document management in a document system within the company. The students have been presented the process of document management, working procedures and forms within the EBA DMS document system.

More practically oriented workshop has been designed for postgraduate students, with an emphasis on manipulating incoming documents in the company. Special attention was paid to the workflow of the company, with an aim for students to see what a document system does in practice. Through a practical workshop, students were introduced to deal with processes within the company. They have also managed various types of documents within the company themselves. Since the workshop participants were already familiar with the basics, they have quickly processed workflow of many different types of documents.

We look forward to working with the faculty and we believe that we will cooperate well in the future. In the following academic year, the DMS system will be presented to undergraduate students, and a practical workshop with an emphasis on integration of DMS and ERP systems will be presented to postgraduate students. In this way, students will gain additional knowledge, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and transfer acquired knowledge to practical examples.

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