Softeh File Upload Control for Form Builder

This control lets you insert file upload control while creating or editing web form with form builder


Main features of the control

  • You can specify witch type of file you will upload (Document or Image)
  • You can select an Image Gallery name or Document Library name from a list, as a target for upload
  • You can change all labels of the control (Name, Success message, Error Message).
  • You can control the style by specifying your own CSS class.
  • You can view the files being uploaded in form responses  of specific form (if the file with specific name already exists in a library it will create a version of the file with number extensions, for example image.jpg, image-1.jpg)

Compatible with:

Sitefinity 5.3.3900, other versions on request

Limitation of a free version:

Only a single control can be added to a web form.


  1. Download control and copy it in your bin folder of the project.
  2. Add reference to the control and build the solution.
  3. Copy the project to you web server.
  4. Add control to the Form Builder Toolbox

    1. Go to 
    2. select New
    3. in Control CLR Type or Virtual Path Enter: FileUploaderNS.FileUploader, FileUploaderNS
    4. enter Title and Description

How do you use it?

  1. Got to Content/Forms.
  2. Create or edit your Form.
  3. Drag File upload control to the page.
  4. Configure the control (Specify type of upload, Location, Labels…).