Document Management System – DMS


Where is the content that runs your business? Is it centrally managed, or is it spread across multiple PC’s, email in-boxes, USB sticks, portable disc drives and network file shares?

Efficient handling of business documentation requires a new, integrated approach that includes all types of business documents, whatever their source or format, while at the same time securing the individual handling of each document. Implementation of Document Management System can save your organization a lot of time and mistakes and increase your productivity.



Benefits of implementing DMS:

  • Faster document distribution and retrieval - increased productivity
  • Transparency of business operations
  • Better distribution of work - a more profitable business
  • Lower costs for copying and printing

Other benefits of implementing Document Management System:

  • Centralization of archiving; accessibility, security and control
  • Digital archive so your documents won't get lost or damaged 
  • Overview and accessibility of the documents from anywhere 
  • Digital liquidation of invoices and documents

At Softeh our experts will provide you with following service:

  • Designing the data process flow
  • Implementation of EBA DMS software
  • Educating users and offering full support

At Softeh we use Document Management System software developed by EBA (, a company specialized in DMS software development.

We are specialized in integrating DMS software with Datalab Pantheon ERP. Scanned documents are automatically saved in Pantheon and ready to use.